Meet The Team

The Team



Jason first started developing JHBaits products back in 2012 taking hours of thought's and ideas and turning them slowly into reality. After over 25 years of carp fishing Jason wanted something new from his angling and believed that putting his all into bait development was just that. Having caught fish from a number of UK & French waters including numerous uk 30's and 40's hes always thinking of the next challenge and how he can make a good bait a better bait. 


 GAZ DILLON (consultant)


UK JHbaits consultant Gaz Dillon not only has some incredible uk catches to his name but also is a bit of a European master.

catching both mirror and common carp across the channel over an astonishing 80lb +.

Gaz being a big boilie fisherman knows what he wants in a boilie and has fetched years of knowledge and a bucket full of exciting ideas to knowledge bring's nothing less than a massive boost to JH Baits as a company and the products we are developing.



Kev Alfrey (Consultant)

Most of kev's angling is across Europe these days as most of his time is taken up with his family,but he has a few syndicate lakes which he fishes throughout the year.

Kev is mainly a boilie angler and tends to pre bait heavily on larger waters some 200 acre plus. He prefers to be on waters that are not so busy these days where he can do his own thing trying to pick out some of the original carp rather than stocked fish..

Kev's English pb is 44lb common which was caught on Nuti B.

His carp catches to date are an amazing ..
Multiple 40's

Phil Holmes (Lincolnshire)


Simon Fairbairn 

Duane Sweet 

David Burrows

Geoff Senior 

James Hegarty

Margaret Hegarty

Chris Rigby 

Alex Mcquire  

Chris Smith 

Colin Challis 

Dan White 

Dean Robinson

Ian Tommo Thomas 

Jonny Elvis Davies

Pete Carp Conway  

Shane Fletcher

Jonathan Knowles

Conor Sealy 

Mark Hobson

Jamie Maquire

Melvin Wood

Craig Demoulpied 

Gareth Vickers

Ryan Morphet

Carl Smith

Joe Humphries

Daniel Hughes 

Kevin Pepper

Danny Reid 

Reece Ibbotson 

Mark Street

Michael Lawford 

William Chalk 

John Adams

Frank Bowling 

James Lane

Andy Childerhouse

Darren Reem

Cody Dales

Amanda Curtis

Rehannah Kemp

Denise Haley

Daniel Lucas

Elias Vorrias

Teddy Kanaris 

Clinton Navarro

Chris Yoxhall